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Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has been working towards carving a niche in the public transport system with a vision to be the best transport service provider in the World, which is safe, reliable, courteous, economic and environment friendly to commuters. KSRTC is the first and leading State Transport Undertaking in the country to adopt Information and Communications Technology in its administrative and operational processes. KSRTC's primary objective is to adopt IT in its day-to-day operations and bring every staff under the Information Technology net. KSRTC has been deploying the IT tools in the best possible measures to optimize its efficiency and reduce operational cost and at the same time, providing quality services to its customers.

KSRTC is the first STU in India for having introduced:

  • RDBMS based Passenger Seat Reservation System in 1998
  • Web Site in 1997
  • Computerized Recruitment System since 1997
  • e-tendering
  • Oracle Financials
  • Electronic Ticketing Machines on all of its routes
  • Computerized Driving tracks for testing the candidates
  • Web based Passenger Seat Reservation System since 2006

Major IT enabled projects by KSRTC:

  • Electronic Bus Ticketing Machines
  • Any Where Any Time Advanced Reservation System (AWATAR)
  • Automated Driving Track for the selection of skilled drivers

1. Electronic Bus Ticketing Machines

KSRTC is the first public transport organization in India to deploy the Electronic Ticketing Machine on August 15, 2004 with several applications embedded in it. The ETM records information such as the ticketing, fueling, kilometers of operation, checking etc. After completion of route operation, it also makes available information on important performance parameters like earning per km, kilometer per liter, percentage of cancelled kilometers, bus-checking details etc. Electronic Ticketing Machine has just made beginning in India with KSRTC taking the lead, while other corporations convinced by its efficient operations and benefits thereof, have started implementing ETM operations.

Benefits of ETM

  • Reduction in costs relating to printing and stationary
  • Instant analysis of traffic pattern
  • Better decision making on account of generation of scientific information
  • Less or no fatigue to conductors
  • Better Labour relations.
  • Results have shown the increase in traffic revenue by 4 to 5% on account of introduction of ETM, as the system provides no scope for revenue leakage.
  • ETM system has been of great help in case of services operated with just Driver cum Conductor. Ticket through ETM is in Kannada.
  • Unlike the earlier pre-printed manual ticket system, All the information are available to passengers like - depot name, place name, fare details etc.
  • Passengers can produce the ticket as a proof for documentary support.

2. Any Where Any Time Advanced Reservation System (AWATAR)

KSRTC is the first State Transport Undertaking (STU) in India to have a web based passenger seat reservation system since April 29, 2006. KSRTC is today providing any where to any where booking at all of its counters and franchisee counters situated across Karnataka and also in other prominent places wherever KSRTC operates. It is a win-win situation for both the Corporation in realizing higher revenue and private franchisees in obtaining assured business besides providing better facilities for travelling public

Benefits of AWATAR

  • The number of passengers availing this facility is increasing gradually. The daily average booking has gone up to 15000 tickets corresponding to revenue of Rs 60 lakhs with 346 counters across Karnataka and other prominent places outside Karnataka. On peak days, the revenue realized has crossed Rs 90 lakh with the total bookings at 25,000 tickets.
  • KSRTC is also expanding the number of counters which ensures employment for the unemployed graduates in turn providing them scope to become a KSRTC franchisee. With the introduction of AWATAR systems, passengers have the opportunity to plan their journey and book their tickets from any place to any place in advance. AWATAR has proved shifting of passengers from other modes of transport to KSRTC which is evident from increase in reservation revenue.
  • Now, KSRTC has offered the passenger to book the seat through – direct e booking using debit/credit card. Also, recently KSRTC has introduced seat booking through mobile phones.
  • KSRTC AWATAR application has more than two lakh registered users including those residing in other countries. Around 6 lakh site visits are recorded per month and 94 lakh page views are recorded per month. On an average 16.08 pages per visit is viewed.
  • Value added services like hotel booking, intergration with BangaloreOne counters, courier and parcel booking etc. are offered.

3. Automated Driving Track for the selection of skilled drivers

KSRTC is the first state transport organization to introduce the total computerization of the driver recruitment process. Safe driving is the assurance that any passenger expects from a passenger transport company. This requires a highly skilled driver manning a passenger bus. A rigorous driving test adopted for selecting drivers for a passenger transport company would ensure the highest reliability and safety to the general public .In this regard Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation has done an innovative work in adopting an automated electronic driving system for selecting the drivers. The system is based on digitally addressable and optical sensors. A digital Body Mass Index measuring machine is connected to the PC for capturing the height and weight of the candidate and a web camera is used to capture his photograph. The eligible candidate has to drive a bus through a rigid reverse S path, forward 8 paths, up gradient and reverse park. As a last test he has to match the traffic signal with the corret descriptive answer on a computer kiosk. The application would generate a result sheet.


  • The whole driver selection as a part of recruitment process unfolds an innovative method wherein there is automated selection inducing transparency in each process.
  • Large number of candidates are tested in short span of time. Also the test is uniform for all the candidates as the candidate has to take all the sub-tests depicting real road conditions.
  • Only the meritorious and skilled drivers would get selected. At the same time, since the drivers selected are of very good quality, passenger safety is achieved. The whole process of driver selection has attracted a huge appreciation from the whole public in general and public transport corporations in particular.

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